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Office units and workshops to rent – The Hawthorns Business centre is housed in the original courtyard setting within the grounds of the 17th century Farmhouse, now offering commercial property, modern up to date office space, and workshops in the traditional stone buildings, property now available to let.

There is plenty of parking onsite and additional amenities such as the walled garden, Barbecue area and the Conservation area a nice quiet spot to take a break by the water.

There are a range of offices to let, all in period buildings and of various sizes and capacities. Some offices which are available for lease can be linked with connecting offices to rent as one unit if your company is larger or needs room to expand.

Office or Workshop leases currently available will appear in the business center menu above.



Unit 2a:One Storey BarnApprox Total 670 sq.ftLet
Unit 2:Two Storey BarnApprox Total 1,046 sq.ftLet
Unit 3:Two Storey Stone BarnApprox Total 707 sq.ftLet
Unit 4:One Storey BarnApprox Total 480 sq.ftAvailable
Unit 5:One Storey BarnApprox Total 390 sq.ftAvailable
Unit 6:Two Storey Stone BarnApprox Total 1,200 sq.ftLet
Unit 7:One Storey Timber Front BarnApprox Total 425 sq.ftLet
Unit 8:One Storey Timber Front BarnApprox Total 425 sq.ftLet
Unit 10:One Storey Stone BarnApprox Total 750 sq.ftLet
Unit 14:One Storey Stone BarnApprox Total 478 sq.ftLet
Unit 15:One Storey Stone BarnApprox Total 500 sq.ftLet
Unit 16:Two Storey Timber Clad OfficeApprox Total 1,100 sq.ftLet


Unit 1:Two Storey BarnApprox Total 1,500 sq.ftLet
Unit 11:Single Level Steel FrameApprox Total 1,690 sq.ftLet
Unit 12:Single Level Steel FrameApprox Total 1,500 sq.ftLet
Unit A: Longhorn workshopSingle Level Steel FrameApprox Total 1,600 sq.ftLet
Unit B: Hereford workshopSingle Level Steel FrameApprox Total 1,100 sq.ftLet
Unit C: Dexter workshopSingle Level Steel FrameApprox Total 1,100 sq.ftLet
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Business Property Available

There are a number of High Quality Offices and Workshops available in the Business Centre now, from only £75 a week
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The Old Dairy

Three Bedroom Cottage comprising of the oldest wing of the newly restored 17th century Hawthorns Farmhouse.
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