The Farm

R.N.Padfield & Sons is a family run farming business, currently in it’s third generation on this site.  It was incorporated as a Limited company in 1950. The farm consists of 800 acres which are all located around the farmhouse.  The farm has changed and developed over the past 100 years to meeting changing economic, social and political pressures.


Contracting Services
R.N.Padfield & Sons currently works closely with two neighbouring farms and offers a range of contracting services. This includes from stubble to stubble services to individual field operations such as drilling or combining.  In 2008, the farm purchased a Claydon Drill which is proving a success and has sparked a lot of interest from other farmers.


Joint Venture
The Hawthorns has always reared beef cattle. The Beef fattening unit is currently run as a Joint Venture with a large, local enterprise partner.

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There are a number of High Quality Offices and Workshops available in the Business Centre now, from only £75 a week
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The Old Dairy

Three Bedroom Cottage comprising of the oldest wing of the newly restored 17th century Hawthorns Farmhouse.
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